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11 Sep

Content Updated: 26th January 2014 QUESTIONS: Why is the Red squirrel declining in the UK?

For example, Reds were actively hunted in the New Forest (Hampshire) during the 19th Century and, in her book , Jessica Holm states that in 1889 nearly 2,300 Reds were shot because they were considered a pest to the timber industry; between 19, the Highland Squirrel Club reputedly killed 82,000 Reds.Consequently, if direct aggression is a factor in the decline of Reds, it is certainly not considered to be the primary one.Greys Out-Competing Reds This concept has two avenues: greys out-breeding reds; and greys being better adapted to surviving in deciduous woodland than Reds, which consequently leads to them monopolizing resources (i.e. The suggestion that Greys may out-breed Reds -- in other words, produce more young per season and thus force Reds out by increasing their own population size -- isn’t borne out by the data we have from the field.Although it is certainly true that Greys have increased their populations at a spectacular rate since their introduction, work by Anglesey Red Squirrel Project biologist Colin Shuttleworth suggests that, in appropriate habitat (i.e.conifer stands), Red squirrels have a fecundity equal to that of Greys in deciduous woodland.