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28 Nov

This time it’s a parody on “Ma Ya Hi” which is the English version of “Numa Ye”; the song that has been lip synched and parodied so many times before. In this parody, Emo’s computer is broken and wants Proog, who is his computer repair man, to fix it.

Michael tells us: I am very happy to let you know that we worked very hard over the last weeks to produce an “Elephants Dream” HD DVD. ) ever European HD DVD title and it will introduce the start of the next generation format in Europe.As the whole European PC and movie magazines are waiting for a first HD DVD title in Europe this will be a hugh success for your movie and I am sure this will go through the press worldwide.Today there are worldwide (USA / Japan) only approx. The HD DVD format was released in April this year in Japan and might be the new HD disc Format for the future.Unlike a DVD movie, which many video compression benchmarks are based on, the PNG files are losslessly compressed, identical to the pristine original output, in full 1920×1080 HD resolution.It would be great to see Elephants Dream become the new standard source footage for video and audio compression testing!