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14 Sep

You can only add one book and convert format at a time. It helps you convert Mobi files to EPUB with only one click.

But the Mobi to EPUB Online Convert doesn't have a batch mode.If there are joint or co-favourites in that race, your selection becomes the joint or co favourite with the lowest racecard number.If any Hot Trot Jackpot race is postponed, abandoned or not completed, the race will be considered void.In the event of a tiebreak, participants will have to guess the winning distance in a race selected by Paddy Power. If the selected race is postponed, abandoned or not completed, the participants Tiebreaker Question answer will automatically transfer to the completed race on the racecard of the Hot Trot Jackpot game.In determining the closest prediction for the Hot Trot Tiebreaker Question, distances greater and less than the official winning distance of the selected race will be given equal weighting./App If one of your selections is a non-runner, then that selection automatically transfers on to the SP favourite in that race.