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" (As he pasted a parking meter, which spinned in circles and then showed a "Violation" sign.

After stopping at the "X" where he is eating the bird food, Calamity is seen behind a corner laughing that he took the bait.

" (Babs then appear with Buster, after changing back to her normal clothes and showed buster the pre-date papers) Babs: "Sign Here" (Buster then sign the agreement, we then cut to a scene where Buster and Babs are next to a big computer as Babs is typing something on the computer) Babs: "Now, Enter you data in the dating computer and found out if you're compatible" (Just Buster pressed a few buttons, the screen on the computer showed a huge "NO WAY! As he is tiptoed in the living room, he is fronted by Mr Bunny, who Buster can see but the viewers can only see his shadow) Mr.

" on it, meaning Buster's not compatible, we then cut back to Babs) Babs: "Of course, if you're still not sure...." (Babs then pushed a button the the screen shows us her room, where she somehow got to her room and picked up the phone) Babs: "There's one option more important then any other, that of your best girlfriend." (Babs then dialed the phone and called her best friend Harriet where she answered) Babs: "Harriet Hi! " (As Harriet is talking to Babs, Babs seem upset of what she's hearing about Buster when Buster appear in the back) Babs: "No! Bunny: (Scary Tone) "So, you're taking out my daughter, Huh?! Bunny, his Jaw dropped then fell on his butt and looked at the camera to give the viewers more advice) Buster: "Stay Cool" (Buster then break his rule and started blabbing like a idiot.

" (After saying that, Buster then fainted and we cut to Babs as the cartoon ends) Babs: "Ain't he cute...

a (The cartoon begins at a birds-eye view of of a street, where it later changes to one Calamity Coyote as he is finishing up his latest plan.

" (As Babs went back into her hole, Buster turned to the camera to tell the boy viewers one more thing about dating) Buster: (Angry) "So Guys, as for dating, Forget it! " (As buster looked confuse, Babs put on pink lipstick) Babs: "I had a fun time Buster, Thank you!

After finishing the bird seeds Beeper left , leaving a small dust cloud.) Beeper: "Beep, beep!

As he was checking his watch for the time where the sun will be on the highest point, the scene changes to the sun where it moves to exactly at the point where it is over the magnify glass as Beeper is eating the seeds.

As the sun it the glass, a large beam of light target the cherry bomb and lit the fuse.

Babs: "Um" (Buster then covered the phone and tells the boy viewers the important thing about the asking out) Buster: "Now, here's where you really sweat guys, will she accept" (Babs also covered the phone and tells the girl viewers the important thing about being asked out) Babs: "And girls rule #4; be careful! " (Buster hears what Babs called him in his room) Buster: "Dweeb!?

" (Babs then whistled for the next scene) Babs: "New Background please." (We then skipped to a new scene where Buster and Babs are in a office where Buster is still angry at Babs for calling him a Dweeb and Babs dress like a doctor with her hair in a strange style) Buster: "What, What do you mean Dweeb?! " Babs: (German Accent) "To see if you compatible date, It is necessary to perform a little psychological evaluation, Hahahha!