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21 Dec

The UFO Donations button goes to an explanation of why we ask for donations for our UFO alien research and has a bigger collection of videos, whereas Lisa has a bigger UFO research fan site and UFO research members network.

The UFO Guestbook button goes to our best UFO guestbooks.

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Tell us all the wishes of your travel group – amenities, budget, location, etc.

Project UFO Network is the latest UFO network for all of the UFO sites listed there.

Then we have And you must read our best UFO documents ever called Circles of Power Behind UFO Secrecy, plus Decide Whether We Should Show Up. Please network with good friends and help us make a better future together, because if you do your homework you will discover the facts that there is an afterlife realm, and .

Countless books, videos and internet websites are devoted to these subjects. At this point, credentialed researchers and academicians have investigated the UFO/alien phenomenon and published their findings.

This is a further step to help validate the phenomenon in the minds of the public.