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03 Nov

Today, these health care treatment unknowns and doubts are all but eliminated along TAPS.

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The OHU team will soon have the same access at their desktops in their Anchorage office.

There is real value here in interfacing like this – it allows us to provide new levels of care to our workers and support to our medics." Brady added, "And ultimately the patient gains further confidence in their care.

They get to see, hear and communicate with a doctor." Brady said that working closely with Alyeska's Cyber Security Team, the information sent from site to site is secure, HIPAA compliant for patient confidentiality, and has minimal impact on Alyeska's network system.

One of the most complex is maintaining crude oil temperature in the pipeline at around 40 degrees during the winter.

This provides a safe operating buffer above 31 degrees, at which point trace amounts of water in the oil can begin to freeze.