Ang dating daan religion

13 Oct

The Goal of Angel TV is to encourage viewers to make lifestyle changes that will foster physical, spiritual, and mental health through programmes that present a refreshing change of pace. The headquarter is located in Hyderabad, Telangana.New Hope TV is a 24 Hour Christian Television Channel. New Hope TV consists of programs in all the major South Indian languages (Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi as well as English)Shalom TV is a socio-cultural infotainment channel.In addition, talk shows, liturgy , counseling and health programs are being aired.Boa Vontade is a Christian TV channel promoting education and culture with ecumenical spirituality.The Church is founded and chaired by Pastors Joseph and Mabel Maria Silvestri Silvestri.K-TV (Cephas-TV) operating since 1999, is a Roman Catholic embossed television station. It broadcasts lectures and documentaries which primarily deal with the search for the meaning of life and answers for the Catholic Church.Shalom Television offers a bouquet of soul-stirring programmes daily.Variety programmes and shows to refresh your heart and mind.

It is a religious-themed channel run by the Orthodox Church of Greece.The subjects of culture, arts, music, spirituality, health & fitness, education, awareness, social values, history and philosophy encompass the programming of the channel. It is India's First Christ Centered Family Friendly Channel.VTN is a simple fellowship of believers/visionaries gathered together with a vision, common interest and calling to labor in the Great Commission.Boa Vontade offers programming targeted to the whole family, grounded in the valueso of Ecumenical Spirituality.TV Mundo Maior is a religious TV channel that was founded in 2006.