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10 Oct

It was as if the silks and satins she was wearing separated her from the rest of the world; intoxicated by the ceremony, Anna was now ready to believe Bishop Roger's grandiloquent statement to the effect that Heaven itself had sent her to France so she would dry up the tears of the unfortunate and feed the starving. The new queen wanted to win the affection of all these people, who we looking at her as if she were the highest being in creation.” This is how Russian author Antonin Ladinsky describes Anna's wedding ceremony in Reims in his novel Anna the Queen of France.Russian and French historians disagree on the year of Anna's birth: Different theories name different dates, from 1025 to 1036.This, however, is nothing more than a figment of literary imagination.“No letters from Anna to Yaroslav the Wise are known to science,” Pchelov comments. Seeing as his eldest son, the heir, was only eight at the time, Anna became queen regnant. This was a scandalous marriage: Ralph had been previously married twice, he had belied his previous spouse, and Anna allegedly abandoned her children from Henry in order to marry the count.Could it be that the marriage of his grandson Henry I was meant to make this dream come true, in a way?Whatever the case, the Capetian kings certainly attempted to use international dynastical marriages as an instrument of strengthening their ruling position.

“We know nothing about the reason for this marriage,” says Evgeny Pchelov, assistant professor at the Russian State University for the Humanities.“France's policy made absolutely no difference to Kievan Rus'; the reverse is also true.This means that Anna could have been anywhere between 15 and 25 when she married the French king. It was during his reign that the first code of laws was compiled in Kievan Rus', the first Russian monasteries and schools founded, and the first written books published. By the time of her wedding Anna could read and write; she knew Greek and Latin.When already in France, she would speak to scholarly monks as an equal, discussing literature, history, politics, agriculture, and much more.From that moment on, Anna was never mentioned in French royal charters.To atone for the sin of illegal marriage, she founded the St.