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15 May

Academics who study fear use materials like letters and newspaper articles to fill in the gaps, and those documents can provide valuable clues.

For one thing, fear doesn’t exist in a vacuum–larger cultural forces have a way of influencing how people respond to questions.

Sufferers of Turophobia usually associate cheese with a traumatic memory.

From cheddar to mozzarella turophobes often have to run away if they so much as see a slice of cheese.

It is often caused by exposure to films and fairy tales which involve scary woods in childhood.Another notable difference today is that many people feel that they may have to confront threats on their own.The attack on Pearl Harbor wasn’t so scary because even people who disagreed with Roosevelt’s policies largely believed that the U. military could defend the nation and eventually win the war.“If you think that the society around you expects courage, you may be scared as the dickens but you’re not going to say it to a pollster,” says Peter Stearns, author of .“Currently, fear has become in some ways slightly fashionable, so maybe people are even exaggerating a little bit.” There are also differences in threats that can affect how people perceive fear.