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19 Jan

The ape, Shift, is completely adorned with all sorts of riches and clothing that server to give him a fairly ridiculous air.

He commands the squirrels to deliver more nuts (Aslan wants them) and they must do it immediately.

He returns to the Calormene camp and gives himself up.

He requests an audience with Aslan but was taken before the ape.

They confirm Aslan's presence as they saw him the prior evening. Shortly, Tirian sees a bonfire being lit in the distance near the shack where the ape gave his speech.The squirrels ask to see Aslan and have Him tell them but the ape rejects them. The ape then goes into a long dissertation that Aslan has been to soft on them and He now is "licking them into shape".Shift also claims to be a very old man, and not an ape, and it is his age (and wisdom) that makes him worthy of being in Aslan's confidence.Additionally, all animals are going to be sent to Calormen where they will work for a living.Their pay will be put into Aslan's treasury and used for the common good.