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08 Mar

We immediately jumped into the water and swam with them for a few moments before they got bored and moved on.

Then the scuba divers descended and began simulating the spawning process again.

We found the snorkeling to be a great way to search for the sharks.

Warren, our adventurous boat captain, was constantly in talks with the other boats, giving the snorkelers a slight advantage over the scuba divers.

Not a whiff of looming exams, dentist appointments or other responsibilities.

As soon as we re-entered Gladden Spit, we spotted a pod of dolphins.Some say your chances are highest 3 days BEFORE the full moon, some say 3 days AFTER the full moon, others say its THE DAY OF the full moon.But everyone will agree that it’s most likely to see the whale sharks surrounding the full moons of April and May, although even that’s not guaranteed (sometimes Mother Nature doesn’t read the tourist brochures).As we headed out to the Mackay and Undine Reefs, we were told that these spots aren’t visited by other tourist boats and both reefs thankfully dodged most of the damage done in the recent bleaching episode, so it’s still possible to see unblemished coral and the other marine life the reef sustains.Hopping into the clear water and seeing what lies beneath is one of those ‘OMG’ travel moments, capable of erasing all your worldly worries in a nanosecond. There are no work deadlines or performance reviews.