Autocad sheet set not updating

17 Jun

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When I create a PDF of my drawing, the views that have their display type set to wireframe all hidden lines come out with solid hidden lines - except for one, which comes out correctly dashed in Wildfire 3?

I had Wildfire 2 running on an old Sony which was fine but after I installed it on a HP Workstation X6200 with an NVIDIA Quadro graphics card I found that when opening more than 4 paths the graphic performance goes down the drain, it's unworkable. I want to bring up either the part or drawing and be able to save both at one time to a different directory, but also be able to rename them at the same time.

I am doing modal analysis on a test stand model built from engineering drawings and the results for the natural frequency are much higher than the actual Rap test using an accelerometer and an instrumented hammer. In our company we use the Baa N system with product configurator for configuring different products.

When I use the show and erase button, I have 4 decimal places that I don't want to be shown, so I would either know how to define the number of decimal places shown on the symbol, or know how to make my own welding symbols and use them with the show and erase button.

I have a drawing that has 18 pages and many section and detail views, is it possible to generate a list of all views, section views and detail views in a report or list, instead of searching each sheet for the last letter used?