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”Today — after that abbreviated legislative career, a victorious battle with breast cancer, spending a fine fraction of the year at a home she has in California, and a renewed focus on her two children — she’s venturing back into the spotlight. The lemony beauty is, for one, the honorary chair of the arty perennial that’s the Power Ball, happening June 2, to support the Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery.

Sponsored by Max Mara, and spearheaded by the gallery’s power director Gaetane Verna, the fundraiser is a tentpole event, and Belinda — who tells me she’s been collecting since she was 20 — was only too happy to be involved.“I remember not buying Cindy Sherman and John Currin. .” she laments, remembering all the through-the-roof-now pieces that got away. A video art piece by the legendary Marina Abramovic, she says. “Takes about 45 minutes, and in the dark, it kinda scares everyone.”Stronach’s involvements now run a spectrum: they include the recently opened Belinda’s Place, York Region’s only shelter for homeless women (“I did not ask for it to be named that,” she sidebars) to her romp in the fountain of youth with an investment in the ingestible beauty brand, Age Quencher (“it’s beauty from the inside out”) to her partnership in the private equity firm Acasta Capital. Building the next generation of racing fans in her stewardship of The Stronach Group, the leading owner of horse tracks in America.

Stronach, elected as a Conservative in the 2004 election, crossed the floor to the Liberal Party on May 17, 2005.

She did not comment on what impact this would have on their relationship.

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Clinton turned out for Magna’s charity golf tournament in August 2001, and subsequently became an acquaintance of an unspecified nature. When opportunities arrived to actually debate the other Conservative leadership candidates on national television, Stronach stayed home, citing her wish to focus on events sponsored by the party.Stronach is refusing to comment on the divorce or say if she "wrecked" Domi's marriage."If it wasn't for my husband's affair with Belinda, we wouldn't be getting a divorce," Leanne told the Toronto Star in an interview last night.“Every day is a blessing.”Looking great in a short-but-not-too-short skirt, and giving off a don’t-sweat-the-small-or-big-stuff serenity that’s a part of the Stronach arsenal, her birthday philosophy struck me as the M. for the way she’s been operating of late: not exactly hiding, but quietly, and on her own terms. In the mid-naughts — back when was still on the air, and “selfie” not yet a word — the woman known simply as “Belinda” was as ubiquitous as “Justin” is today in the Canadian sphere.Living her life in big font, the erstwhile politician and irrepressible businesswoman — known for her party-hopping, in Parliament and beyond, and her vivid romantic résumé — was someone you’d see here at Bymark (with her friend Bill Clinton, for instance), or making the charity-round circuits in Montreal (with Prince Andrew on her arm). 2 by Fortune Magazine in its list of most powerful women in business, she also made Time’s “100 Most Influential” list (the same list Prime Minister Trudeau made this year), flying into the party for the list in Manhattan where — with my own eyes — I saw Martha Stewart buttonholing Stronach to tell her, “We need more women in politics!