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03 Aug

To try out object binding, create a new Windows Forms project and add a class to the project.

(In a “real” application, you’d likely put the class into a separate project.

In a VB code window, type property and then press tab to create a VB Property procedure.

She is on the INETA Speaker’s Bureau, is a well-known speaker at technical conferences, and is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP).After a hard day of coding and taking care of her family, Deborah enjoys blowing stuff up (on her XBox of course).Some of the information in this article was obtained from her upcoming book, Doing Objects in VB 2005.And then visa versa when the user changes the text in the controls. Unlike binding to a database, which generates a significant amount of code and then binds to that generated code, object binding binds to your code.That gives you much more control and greatly simplifies the maintenance of your application.