Bobbi christina brown dating

26 May

Nick Gordon, the boyfriend of Bobbi Kristina Brown who was found legally responsible in her civil wrongful death lawsuit, was arrested on Saturday, June 10, on suspicion of domestic violence and kidnapping his current girlfriend. this morning, a female came to the Sanford Police Department to say that she had been battered and that Nick Gordon would not allow her to leave the residence,” the PIO told Us.

As Us Weekly previously reported, Gordon was found “legally responsible” in the late Bobbi Kristina’s wrongful death lawsuit after he failed to appear in court in September 2016.

Houston felt sorry for Nick and decided to raise him.

Bobbi and Gordon quickly developed a bond, with Gordon looking after her while Houston and Brown continued their careers.

Gordon had been demanding more cash from Houston’s estate, a police report said.

This was shortly after Gordon and Bobbi announced on social media that they were married.