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06 Jun

Song Joong Ki became a star with his appearance in the KBS drama “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” last year by playing a supporting character named Koo Yong Ha, and he recently left an impressive image in the SBS drama “Deep-rooted Tree” by playing Lee Do.In “Love and Cash,” he enthusiastically presents what he has as an actor by playing the protagonist.He said, “I play a young man who does not have a job in the movie, but our movie was not focused on dealing with social problems. My counterpart named Hong Sil in the movie is a very sad character, so I thought that I had to present a pleasant appearance.I tried to present the character’s sadness with a pleasant and light atmosphere.” Asked whether he worried about breaking his previous images, he answered, “I gave up everything about my hairstyle and clothes in the movie because the character does not appeal with his appearance. I did not want to break my previous images, but I was not afraid of challenging myself.I was also excited to present my different and various appearances.” Song Joong Ki made a last comment about his future goal of acting, saying, “I am still young.My age, which is twenty-seven years old, is not a young age, but I think that I am still young as an actor.He appeared in only four episodes of “Deep-rooted Tree” by playing the young Se Jong.He said, “I had discussed playing a protagonist in another drama at that time, but I chose to appear in ‘Deep-rooted Tree.’ People around me asked why I chose this supporting role who would only appear in four episodes instead of playing a protagonist.

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The report states that since the two idols have been close enough, Bora would allow Feeldog to drive her car.He used to be a short track speed skater until he was in the third grade in the middle school and he used to dream about becoming a member of the national team.But he realized that he did not have enough talent for that and he gave up.I have tried my best up to now, but it was totally thanks to my good luck.” He has many talents and he has been a subject of jealousy among many men, but he personally picked his ability of understanding reality and strong competitive spirit as his strong advantage.He realizes his current situation very well and gives up what he cannot do, and once he begins, he never gives up and tries his best.