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17 Mar

This episode left some burns on poor Mateo (Nico Santos) as well, as he begun to realize that Jeff just wasn't that hot.

With Dina (Lauren Ash) straight up telling him that Jeff's face "was a mess" and Amy just giving a non-answer on whether or not Jeff was good-looking, Mateo's road to healing post-breakup seems to be a bit bumpy.

He had yearned of rapping since his childhood days.

While studying in the ninth grade, he started rapping with a local group.

So, what were the reasons of his breakup, we try to search out that!Speaking of bumpy, Amy's face at the end of the episode when Jonah gets pulled into the Sturgis family photo says it all: she's jealous of Christine. Tune into "Superstore" as it returns to NBC on April 20 at 8/7c.But despite her feelings on relationships, she's dated quite a few highly desirable men in Hollywood.Later he dropped out from University after two months to follow music career.At the beginning of actual career, he did an agreement with Poe Boy entertainment.