Bridedating 2016 jelsoft enterprises ltd

27 Sep

It's hard to do all things you have to like bake your own cake.I know it's not a mod I took all them out and even all my CC, have they really screwed up the game that bad. :cry: If you don't have a bar, stove and fridge and a spare counter and also room to their things, mixologist and caterer are useless.Baking the cake is simple actually, you don't need to be an expert cook, just make you carry it in your inventory and not in fridge, or sims will eat your cake before you get a chance to use it.I find it actually much easier hosting events on smaller lots to be more successsful and increasing my chances of a gold medal.

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Qissa Khwani: Walwar (Bride Price) And Marriage Among Pashtuns How do you see this tradition of paying / getting price for a human being? Though the tradition is not a must in Sindhi society, but I did observed this in Sindh as well and the bride subsequently treated like Zar-khareed ghulam and if not treated badly someone may remind her that you were bought for money. Most of the families that I have seen from Pashtuns are similar to all of us.I Once thought is was a good idea to host a big wedding at Von Haunt Estate in Windenburg, it was disaster, some just chatted and didn't move from the front of the building, some were lost in the maze, some were in the BBQ area, and for main cermonany only 2 sims bothered to so up and actually watch it, most were too far away to bothered with the cake, and couldn't find the confused mixologist until the time almost ran out.I know it's not a mod I took all them out and even all my CC, have they really screwed up the game that bad. :cry: Looks like this is a vanilla bug that's been around for quite awhile: Answer HQ English The Sims The Sims 4 Bug Reports [OPEN] Hired sims don't appear at parties (Hence, the girl can then become an asset exchangeable for money or goods. The fact that families commit a young daughter (or sister) to a family that is able to pay a high price for her, as a viable solution to their poverty, is one of burning concern.Her status, although already low in society, becomes even lower as she is sold as nothing more than a mere commodity. And because the custom of walwar motivate families that face immense poverty, deprivation and economic crises to “cash in” the “asset” – a girl who may perhaps be as young as six or seven – with the underlying assumption that the actual marriage will be delayed until the child reaches puberty.