Can therapist dating patient

23 Feb

"She has a New York accent that -- I'm not going to lie -- turned me on," Huckeby said in a telephone interview with the FOX6 Investigators.He spoke on a patient phone inside Winnebago Mental Health Institute, where his now ex-wife, Tracy Ptak, says he's been committed for weeks. When Huckeby first start started therapy with Marchese, he told her all about his lifelong battle with mental illness, from bipolar disorder to PTSD. And, as any good therapist would, Marchese listened.'With all of that comes tremendous responsibility," Saunders said. Some studies says as many as 10 percent of therapists have had sex with a patient. "Even if it's 1 in 50, that's disgraceful," Saunders said. Huckeby admits his ongoing threats to harm his former therapist are the reason he was committed. And we will both go to God and sort this out." Judge Chad Kerkman sentenced Marchese to three years of supervised probation, including six months in the Kenosha County Jail.And while it's even more unusual for a female therapist to exploit a male patient, Saunders says the damage is no less severe. "I'm in Winnebago because I don't trust myself," Huckeby said. "I don't think you understand how much you've harmed him," Kerkman told Marchese."Wasn't just wrong, it's illegal." With a wavering voice and tears in her eyes, Marchese spoke at sentencing."I made a decision that has proven to be detrimental to many as well as highly embarrassing to myself and my family," she said."It's a violation of his trust," Saunders explained. It's a misuse of her authority." At first, Huckeby and Marchese traded sexually explicit messages on Facebook.Soon after, they started hooking up at local motels.

I care about you.' I just came out and told her my feelings for her," Huckeby said. "If she had feelings, she should have stepped away from him as a patient," Ptak said."There's no such thing as consensual," Saunders countered."It's not an equal relationship." Professor Saunders says patients like Huckeby are vulnerable, confused, and looking for someone they can trust. Power to exploit." The Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services says over the last ten years, 1,667 complaints have been filed against professional counselors, social workers and family therapists in Wisconsin, but they don't know how many of them are related to inappropriate relationships."There are laws in place for a reason," said Tracey Braun, Kenosha County Assistant District Attorney, during a November 13th sentencing hearing. He was a truck driver until his semi jackknifed on a St. He lost his job, started drinking heavily, became depressed, and wanted to die.And that's when he met Marchese -- his new therapist at Oakwood Clinical Associates in Kenosha.