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17 Nov

The next table is the same that was published in the last Report, adding the transactions of another year.

The most eminent skill and science are demanded for these positions, and can in no way be so teadily secured as by relieving their occupants from the apprehension of being dismissed to find employment anew.

One of them had become incapable, through sickness, of discharging the duties of his post for several weeks before he relinquished it, and several more elapsed before his place was supplied. \ lessor beyond what would have been otherwise reouired to dispose of the same amount of business.

That which has mainly contributed to augment the number of cases on hand, is the resignation of three of the examiners within the ydar.

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All the statistics of any consequence, which it is customary to furnish in this form, will be found in them. Many of them are in fact new to the examiners, from the frequent changes which have lately occui'red in their corps. The task is rendered more onerous in consequence of the investigations being extended over such a length of time; the cases of an early date being no longer familiar to the mind, but requiring sono©- thing of the care and labor of so many new ones. Saw, circular, cutting teeth in, (an- tedated March 19, 1838.) Saw, for sawing ice Saw-set A. These statements will, it is believed, evince to the satisfaction of every one that the increase of business fully justifies the increase which has taken place in the expenditures. Last year the surplus of expenditures over receipts, which was carried to ' the credit of the Patent fund, was ,^8,821 68; this year it is ,139 43.