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29 Oct

Sign in using one of the following accounts: a) Your Xbox Live account b) The parent account of the child account 2. Select Settings, and then select Privacy & online safety.4.

Select the privacy setting you have enabled (child, teen, adult, custom).5.

By default, the Game Balance on the HAC is high and the Chat Balance is low.

To raise the Chat Balance to hear chat audio, press the bottom end of left button on the HAC near 'CHAT' repeatedly.

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You should now hear the chat audio at the same volume or louder than the game audio, which you can adjust to your preference.

The right button labeled 'VOLUME' controls the overall volume on the HAC, which means it affects both the game and chat volume.

If you are having any trouble hearing other players in Xbox Live chat on your Xbox One console, please check the following. The Chat Balance Volume is Up on the Headset Audio Controller (HAC).Of course, it wouldn’t be an ESL One Dota event without a cosplay competition.We are thrilled to once again welcome talented Dota cosplayers who will enrich the entire event and partake in our contest. Kairi is no stranger to ESL One, as she participated in the cosplay competition at ESL One Frankfurt 2015 where she took 2nd place, and returned to Frankfurt a year later as a cosplay judge. I took it easy with cosplay competitions and focused on some less stressful projects.: The decision of making Windranger was rather spontaneous so I was not expecting much, as it was kind of a last-minute costume.I was happy with the outcome but there were many great costumes in the competition so I was quite shocked that I’ve been mentioned by jury in such a nice way. Gathering all needed materials was definitely the most time consuming process.