Chat with random straight guys

04 Jul

I brought him back to my apartment - he was passed out in the car still, and gently laid him on his brother's bed, changing his clothes (putting on a fresh pair of tight white briefs and large white T-shirt).I stared at his blondish brown hair and body - he was so handsome.He also didn't remember being tied to his side of the wall of the glory hole while he was body was assaulted on both sides.He vaguely remembered someone - something - licking his butt, but he dismissed it as part of his drunken fantasy.It WAS a great blowjob - never before did he cum like that or have a "girl" do that to him.He also remembered nothing from the other night when he was tickled, orgasm controlled then milked for hours - he was too drunk to remember that or remember how each night Eric (his brother's roommate) would play with Steve's body while sleeping.

After 2 hours, Steve was made to cum perhaps 8 or 9 times - maybe more.....was a babbling and quivering idiot by the time I untied him, and got him dressed.This chapter is also dedicated to a close friend of mine who I care about - his name is also Steve from San Diego, but he's a different guy from the one in this story.Appreciate your comments and suggestions for the next installments.] Young Steve only had a vague memory of the previous night - getting drunk, and having his dick sucked by some "girl" several times through a glory hole at some adult book store.He never knew anything before about "glory holes" or didn't remember (or realize) that in reality he was sucked off and milked by a dozen or so guys while he was in a drunken stupor - aided by several constant hits of Rush.