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04 Jun

Because of their lower cost, class 1 lasers are widely used in practitioner's offices and have a proven track record.

These pulsing wave lasers are off enough of the time that they have minimal chance of damaging the eye.Class 2 Cold Lasers (Available over-the-counter) Since the development of class 1m laser, class 1 (without the m) and class 2 lasers are the weakest lasers on the market.In many cases, these lasers are about 1/500 the power level of a class 1m or class 3. Class 3 and 3b cold lasers Class 3b Cold lasers can have up to 500m W per continuous wave beam and still be qualified as a class 3 lasers.In fact they are so safe they can be purchased for home use without any restrictions.The problem with a simple continuous wave class 1 laser is they have very low power.