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16 May

So, here's a boiled-down list of the things you'll want to consider: Of course, a full-featured webcam is approaching the price and features of an internet-enabled security camera.So, if you're looking at the high-end webcams, take a look at security camera options as well.Most people don't think about setting up a monitoring system until they're already out of the house.An internet-enabled security camera will do the trick, but most people don't bother buying and installing one, even though I recommend it.

Started in the late 1990s, Free Chat Now is one of the originals.So, if you leave your laptop behind for surveillance duty, you can just jump on your mobile device for a peek, just as often as you like. i Spy is a free, open-source camera viewing program with almost limitless possibilities.And it's always offering new features and improvements, like being able to activate any number of connected cameras by motion, sound or schedule.Here are two options that will satisfy needs for both Windows and Mac users: Sighthound (Windows, Mac) - This allows you to record when motion is detected.What's more, it can tell the difference between people and objects.