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22 Jun

As the subtitle says, married people are happier, healthier and better off financially.Nevertheless, the conventional wisdom is that you should “try before you buy.” In fact, one of the oft-repeated questions justifying living together is: “You wouldn’t buy a car without a test drive would you?If you live together before you get married, you’re putting your future marriage in danger.That’s the conclusion of a recent report on cohabitation.They are not married in God’s eyes because they are living contrary to biblical statements about marriage.

The proportion of first marriages preceded by cohabitation has increased ten-fold in the last few decades.The car doesn’t need psychological counseling so that it can trust the next car buyer.Frankly, test-driving a relationship is only positive if you are the driver.Research has shown that those who cohabit tend to view marriage negatively because it involved the assumption of new responsibilities that contrasted with their former freedoms.On the other hand, those marrying through the conventional route of dating and courtship did not feel constrained by marriage, but liberated by marriage. A couple living together has nearly everything marriage has to offer (including sex) but few commitments or responsibilities.