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10 Oct

Your father is listed there as Captain Mc Cord, Jr, and his officer's Army Serial is listed, too. There you will find 4 missions where your father is listed as Bombardier. The planes are listed with last three digits of serial squadron code letter. Third, for further help regarding where to find more information, he has to visit this website Army Air Forces of World War II and check Research Help on the menu.865-D must be 44-67865 4L-D; 227-V must be 43-34227 4L-V; 454-H must be 43-34454 4L-H. Spangler (574th) and Flannagan might be Captain Raymond D. Regarding the "Bugs Bunny" nose art it would be of great interest if this photo was presented here.

Highest Regards to those still with us and those past for their service. Second, you must visit the 391st Bomb Group web site and check link to crew lists, then 574th lists, then check individual bombardiers.It would be a blessing to them to be able to add a photo of SGT David Vreeland and complete the memorial to our brave warriors. I had thought he was shot down over Dunkirk France. Comments: My father Dick Donnelly was a bombardier navigator. Porter, Bomb Group: 387, Bomb Squadron: 559 a bombardier from Montana in one of the planes that went down on the 12/23/44 "Mayen RR Bridge" mission [1] [2].I would appreciate it if you would contact me with any leads that might help me locate David and his family. If you have anymore info on the plane being shot down please let me know. Thank you, Jacqueline Hess Marauderman's Name: Richard (Dick) Donnelly 2Lt Bomb Group: 387 Bomb Squadron: 556 Years in service: ? Flew his first mission in Sept 45 and something over 25 altogether (Air Medal with Silver Cluster). I'm interested in the name of the plane, photos and I'd love to hear from anyone who knew him. was a Bombardier in the 574th Bombardment Squadron in the 391st Bombardment Group.Thanks to intensive (and expensive) researches at the NARA and at the AFHRA, I could provide to you an almost complete list of the missions with data like dates, places, targets, Bomber Groups involved in each mission, number of aircraft involved, number of bombs dropped, results of the attacks.I would be glad to send to you an envelope containing all these data and maps of my area of interest.