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After bribing a pair of teenagers to remain silent about the car accident, he limps off down the road.

After a long investigation that fails to locate Chigurh, Bell decides to retire and drives away from the local courthouse feeling overmatched and defeated.

While recuperating, Moss is approached by Wells, who offers to give him protection in exchange for the satchel and tells him his current location and phone number, instructing him to call when he has "had enough".

After recovering and leaving the hotel room, Chigurh finds Wells and murders him just as Moss calls to negotiate the exchange of money.

At the motel, Sheriff Bell arrives to find Moss murdered by a band of Mexicans, who were also after the drug deal cash.

Later that night, Chigurh arrives at the scene and retrieves the satchel from the air duct in Moss's room.

This is the beginning of a hunt for Moss that stretches for most of the remaining novel.

After escaping from his pursuers, Moss sends his wife, Carla Jean, to her mother in Odessa, Texas, while he leaves his home with the money.

As he rode, he could see his father up ahead of him carrying a moon-colored horn lit with fire, and he knew that his father would ride on through the pass and fix a fire out in the dark and cold and that it would be waiting for him when he arrived.For the rest of the book, Bell describes two dreams he experienced after his father died.In one, he met his father in town and borrowed some money from him.The title of the novel derives from the first line of the 1926 poem "Sailing to Byzantium" by W. The book was adapted into the 2007 movie No Country for Old Men which won four Academy Awards, including Best Picture.(What follows is the plot of the novel, not the film).