Dating a female bodybuilder

30 Nov

On stage you are dealing with lights, tanner, decreased body fat, and people who have pushed water to assist in muscle definition.No one can exist in that form for very long, so the minute you’re off the stage, its a 10lb water weight gain and fat increase thanks to an i Hop binge.She probably isn’t, mostly because the level of dedication for that category is astronomical.Not taking away from the rest of the categories, but if you have any idea how hard it is to gain that sort of muscle mass, you’d understand.Word of advice to people, only share your opinion if you’re asked.Anyways, in that time, I got to learn about what people think of Female Bodybuilders and how different those ideas are from what the majority of Female Bodybuilders are like.

But I won’t judge 🙂 Just because this is a very relevant hobby of mine, doesn’t make it my end all. It isn’t necessarily their life, but they do love it.Now I will say, that if you’re a chick who lifts legit and has a little more mass to you, there is nothing worse than hugging a man who you feel you might actually be able to snap in half.So maybe female bodybuilders might like to date substantial guys, but that doesn’t limit us to This has to be the biggest misconception, since it is what the “manly” perception comes from.But if you can manage to understand the various races in swimming and still know that the sport is called…Swimming…I think you can handle this.Please don’t assume that when a woman says she is competing, that means she is about to put on 50 solid pounds of muscle and become the jacked beast image you have in your head.