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27 Nov

What North Americans tend to overlook, however, is that many forces continue to work against mixed unions.

Some hard realities could stall their expansion, leaving those who engage in such intimate cross-collaborations a relatively small portion of all couples.

Stats Can figures show the proportion of mixed unions among ethnic group members actually goes down in large Canadian cities.

And that’s where the vast majority of visible minorities live.

That’s one reason inter-marriage is a key hope of tolerant, open-minded North Americans.

Supporters of inter-marriage maintain it’s time to transcend old ethnic, cultural and religious barriers.

Much milder resistance to mixed unions is illustrated in Canada by matchmaking ads in South Asian newspapers.

Parents, for the most part, post the ads because they wish their son or daughter to marry in the same community.

Indeed, mixed unions are on a roll in North America.That theory is supported by the habits of the two visible minorities who together account for roughly three million Canadians: Ethnic Chinese and South Asians.While 75 per cent of couples with at least one Japanese person included partnerships outside their visible minority, only 17 per cent of couples involving an ethnic Chinese person were mixed unions. In other words, the larger and more concentrated the ethnic group, the less likely it will produce a mixed relationship.This has particular relevance for Metro Vancouver, which has distinct Chinese and South Asian enclaves.What happens if we set aside ethnicity and focus on interreligious relationships?