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23 Jul

On October 26, Kenya held its second presidential election two months after the Supreme Court nullified the results of the August 8 polls after a successful legal challenge by the main opposition candidate, Raila Odinga.The vote was held in a tense environment after Odinga boycotted the election – citing lack of faith in the electoral body – and urged his supporters to stay home on voting day.

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Human Rights Watch research confirms that, once again, there was sexual violence against women and girls during the most recent post-election violence in Kenya.

The recent crackdown is part of a wider repression of civil society in Kenya in recent years.

The government urgently needs to change course and instead of harassing these organizations, Kenyan authorities should respect their rights and their role in meaningful dialogue.

Afri COG is an organization that specializes in governance issues and has criticized Kenyan authorities for corruption.

A high court judge in Nairobi temporarily stopped the board from shutting down Afri COG and the acting interior cabinet secretary, Dr.