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01 Jul

Did you think Dany's quip in Episode Six that "he's too small" to a smirking Tyrion was totally sincere and not just high school denial of a crush? As Alan Taylor, who directed Episode Six, told The Daily Beast:"There's no secret that this is where this is going.Do you think aunt-and-nephew incest, in a show where two main characters are siblings who fuck, would be a step too far? Readers of the book have known that things were heading towards this destination for a while.

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Television correspondent Alix Phillips dodges bullets and breaks rules to bring the most important news to the world—from riots in America to protests on the streets of Tehran.It’s not only the distance and different lifestyles that’s pulling them apart, but also a new girl in Jughead’s school.Vanessa Morgan, who plays Southside Serpant Toni Topaz, spoke […] Jennifer Aniston is about to be back on your TV full-time — and we’re not just talking about Friends reruns!With her daughter in college, and working alongside cameraman Ben Chapman, a deeply private ex–Navy SEAL, Alix revels in the risks and whirlwind pace of her work.But her latest assignment puts her at the center of an explosive story that will reshape many lives, including her own: investigating damning allegations involving the Vice President of the United States, Tony Clark.