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26 Jan

was published one hundred years ago In an inaugural lecture, Roy Fuller, the Professor of Poetry at Oxford, reminds us that “Sweetness and Light,” the first chapter, was Arnold's final lecture when was Professor of Poetry “Hebraism and Hellenism” is another chapter There is a difficulty in assessing great men, an irony that will out, but the irony may tell us more about ourselves than about its objects Who has not written that Philosophy I term paper demolishing Hegel?The temptation is old, and the description of it is old Not completely, but yet in some stubborn part of ourselves we would rather forget that if we are taller than our predecessors, maybe it is because we stand on their shoulders And when a man's name is linked to “sweetness and light”—never mind what it actually meant for him, and for Swift before him—the temptation to patronize him becomes all the stronger.He owned beautiful villas and magnificent furniture.

Arnold's Hellenism stands under the sign of Apollo, Nietzsche's under the sign of Dionysus For Arnold the great figure of Hellenism, actual as well as symbolic, is Socrates he invokes Socrates in what we may call the peroration of For Nietzsche, Socrates is a fake Arnold's Hellenism is like Freudian ego, his Hebraism like superego.

Our lives become dominated by a fear of losing, or never getting, things which we could (in fact) do perfectly well without.

The ancient Roman philosopher Seneca had great success running what we would now call a venture capital firm.

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