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04 Jan

Don’t confuse this sign with the anxious partner’s apprehension.

It’s integral to understand why the person is withholding feelings.

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Avoidants are constantly on the look-out for any impingement on their space and anyone wanting to create more intimacy.

Offering Support Understanding the Personality Type Managing Expectations Community Q&A A person with avoidant personality disorder might be described as shy, insecure, or inhibited.

While these characteristics may be used to describe most humans at some point in life, those with avoidant personality disorder demonstrate these traits to an extent that their lives are negatively affected.

They prefer casual sex to sex with an intimate partner because their physical needs are fulfilled but they don’t have to worry about caring for their partner’s feelings afterward or during.

They can also avoid the greater intimacy that results from physical contact. Disregards your feelings Avoidants believe people are solely responsible for their own well-being and happiness.