Dating someone with severe depression

09 Sep

Studies report major depression and addictions as the top two mental health conditions that contribute to divorce.In addition, bipolar disorder seems to relate to divorce by virtue of how long and how severe the depressive episodes are, and the amount of life stress associated with a manic episode (for example: debt incurred or partner betrayed by cheating).While I have been mostly functional all these years, I have had suicidal episodes because I just could not take the pain.

Having that physical comfort can help us feel as though there is someone there to help us hold our world together when we are feeling completely broken.

The authors accepted that there was insufficient research on narcissistic personality disorder to quantify its effect on divorce, although anecdotal evidence strongly suggests a link.

With the reported increase in narcissistic traits in the U.

It has taken me a very long time to find the courage to talk about this and to be frank, I am still extremely fearful of the consequences of announcing this publicly.

But I hope that by talking about it, I can help others.