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20 Nov

Viborg has over the last decade won a reputation as one of Denmark's leading cities for sports.It started with the city's women's handball team (a popular sport in Denmark), which continues to be one of Europe's top-5 clubs.A motte-and-bailey-type castle was once located in the city.Viborg takes its name from a combination of two Old Norse words: vé, meaning a holy place, and borg, meaning a fort. The construction of the cathedral started in 1130 and took about 50 years.The school is believed to have been founded about 1060 - at the same time as the city became the seat of a bishop.The church needed to educate boys and young men to enter into the church's service, and to that purpose it created a school.Viborg Katedralskole is today one of four gymnasiums in Viborg.

Next to the cathedral is the Skovgaard museum, founded in 1937.

Its current monumental home was built in 1926 to accommodate a larger number of students and later the school added a dormitory to house the many students from outer regions or islands not close to a gymnasium.

Although this role is now basically obsolete, the dorm continues to be a popular solution for many students wanting to get away from home or for a small number of students from Greenland.

Viborg also hosts the annual Haervejsmarchen international two-day walking festival, which regularly attracts 8,000 participants, including many from outside Denmark.

It includes marked routes of distances of up to 45 kilometres a day.