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04 Feb

Law firms, politicians, manufacturers, charities, elementary schools”one is hard-pressed to find an entity without a web appendage.This is true even”or perhaps the word is, particularly”for religious life.“ New technologies,” he wrote, “create further opportunities for communication understood as a service to the pastoral government and organization . Catholic is a simple and elegant search engine for the teachings of the Church.gives readers an almanac-style view of the Church’s structure.

This electronic outpouring of affection for the pope was fitting, since he had been something of an early proponent of the Internet.

One of its sister sites, the Oremus Network , hosts a prayer circle that recruits people to commit to daily prayer.

While individual dioceses typically do little with their websites, certain religious orders hold grander visions.

Catholics and Jews tend to use the Internet slightly more heavily than Protestants.

Half of these users report that they attend church at least once a week.