Do long distance dating

26 Mar

And, when that disappointment comes – “I’m sorry love, Mum’s not very well and I really should visit her this weekend” – don’t blame your partner.Your kneejerk reaction will probably be to sulk; after all, it hurts when you don’t get to see the person you love.That doesn’t mean you have to spend hours on the phone, as that’s not practical. Get online Texting and calling are great ways to keep in touch, but nothing beats face to face conversation.But drop each other a text to say good morning, or a quick call at the end of the day to see how things have gone. At least once a week try to arrange an online date using internet video calling.

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Overall, there are just over 7 million couples (14-15 million individuals) in the US who consider themselves in a long distance relationship.

Greater exposure to far away singles accounts for part of this trend.“People travel for their work, they commute farther, they generally travel more than we did just a few decades ago.

All of these things make it more likely that they’ll fall for someone who doesn’t live nearby,” says Dr. The rise of Internet dating services predictably contributes to “coast-to-coast couples” – those who live on opposite ends of the nation and met on the web, but have a real, not just a virtual, relationship.

But remember that your partner won’t like it any more than you do, and they’ll be missing you too.

Don’t make them feel guilty when work or family problems come first. Don’t put too much pressure on the weekends It’s hard, but try not to put too much pressure on those precious pockets of time you get to spend together. Try to reserve time just for yourselves It’s tempting when you’re in a long distance relationship to cram all the things you’d do in a week into a couple of days.