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04 Nov

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Here are 10 of the best looking drag queens, whether in heels or flats.

RHEA LITRE He conquered West Hollywood, and fine-boned Joshua Miller works his magic here, too, as the very real-yet-somehow ethereal Rhea Litre. PEARLThe "been-there" queen from Drag Race's last season, the entertainingly jaded Matthew James Lent, made it to the top three as Pearl, and it didn't exactly hurt when nude photos of the Florida-born performer leaked out. VIOLET CHACHKI AND MISS FAMEViolet (the femme creation of Jason Dardo) won the top prize on Drag Race last time around, and it turns out he's a winner as a man, too.

known by her stage name Peppermint or Miss Peppermint, is an American actress, singer, and drag queen best known as a fixture in the New York City nightlife scene and as the runner-up on the ninth season of Ru Paul's Drag Race.

Peppermint started recording music in 2005 for Jonny Mc Govern's mixtape Jonny Mc Govern Presents: This is NYC, Bitch! She contributed the song, Servin' It Up," which was produced by Adam Joseph.

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My Transsexual is more than just a dating website, it helps strengthen the global transsexual community. There's nothing to lose and much to gain and you will be aiding a community that deserves more representation in the world.

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The bigger cities usually have gay pride parades every year and also have a certain area of town where the gay community is strongest and there's plenty of bars and hangouts.

LEXI THOMASA striking Barbie-type gal with great hair, Lexi is a leggy addition to Manhattan at night, and she fills it with expert contouring. COURTNEY ACTAustralian showgirl Courtney is actually a good looking guy named Shane Jenek, who's a catch whether in fishnets or not.

I always wondered what she looks like as a guy, and it turns out that Thomas Lee Geren, he definitely adds the "sharp."PUSSE COUTUREA feisty drag queen, Pusse redefines couture as she gussies up for lipsynching and shtick. Courtney's cabaret act includes a lot of gleefully detailed sexual anecdotes from his (and her) life, and they go down very easily for the audience because either way, he's got sex appeal.

Smaller towns tend to be more conservative and close minded.

Transsexuals in the USA, just like most of its people, are from every single race.