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05 Aug

Considering that Thonis was a major port of the region at the time, these findings are not surprising.

Equally unsurprising are the remains of the more than 64 ships the team uncovered lining the sea floor of the region.

For such precious archeological findings as the remains of Thonis, conservation of the unearthed objects starts as soon as they reach the boat itself.

The objects are first cleaned, identified and inventoried.

Thonis was strategically situated between the Mediterranean Sea and a great mostly landlocked lake, which also linked to the Nile river.

The lake could (and indeed would) essentially be used as a huge parking space for ships.

An Egyptian lawyer has come under attack after stating that women who wear ripped jeans should be raped.

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The city began on a downstream shore of the great Nile river where the land was fertile and freshwater was abundant.All in all, Thonis was at a perfect location for a marine port. Thonis bridged the entire world to Egypt, especially the important Greek world but also that of the Phoenicians.But constructing a huge city on the bank of a river and the shore of a sea comes with a risk.Thonis was there, reposing silently in the abyss but no less majestically as is often the case with past sunken grandness.It is only now however, 13 years after its rediscovery, that the team is beginning to comprehend the real grandness that was Thonis.