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06 Nov

The NHS has enabled me to transition and allowed me to access voice therapy, counseling and hormones, which I couldn't have transitioned without.But I've also had a lot of emotional baggage to sort through too.Tabloid newspapers still use the words 'sex change' in a derogatory, ill-informed way – like we're living in some 1970s horror movie.Which in turn, creates an inaccurate portrait of an individual's reasons behind the surgery..

With this being such a big, and very personal, decision which would involve an irreversible operation, I was reluctant to talk about it: I began to feel too vulnerable and exposed.These prescriptions not only reshaped my physical body but also affected my emotions.Case in point, one Saturday night in 2014 I was watching the BBC reality TV show I literally found myself sobbing away into my TV dinner, with no clear reason as to why.It's a very personal, individual decision, with many of us feeling too defined by what's in our underwear.When a trans woman has a penis, her identity is often reduced to what she is moving away from, rather than towards.