Emma stone dating kieran culkin

01 Apr

Although fans are hoping to see the two get back together, considering the way they still act around each other, they claim to be very good friends.

During The Golden Globes Awards Show, he was seen giving her a hug and a standing ovation before she went to receive her award.

Emily Jean Stone, popularly known as Emma Stone is the cute, lovable and funny actress who is the crush of many guys.Emma Stone also has interests in charity functions veered towards helping cancer patients and autistic people.This is motivated by the fact that her mother is a cancer survivor.Starting with the ex boyfriends, it is interesting to realize that although her name has been linked with a lot of people, she has only dated very few of them which she states very clearly in interviews.He is a gorgeous American singer and songwriter, famously known for his song “For you I will (Confidence)”. They were also co stars on a movie in 2008 titled “The Rocker”.