Eric szmanda dating anyone

21 Oct

" Then from the same book, at page 117, lines 12 - 18: " Through most of his life, Greg had fought the prodigy's natural urge to rush through things.

A lot of school, especially high school, had been painfully easy for him.

" He has a wide variety of hobbies, including surfing, scuba diving, and numismatics (the study of money - in the episode Precious Metal his knowledge of the subject helps the investigation along).

In Precious Metal we also learn Greg likes supermodels and latex.

This habit had stayed with him, though the lab had nullified that somewhat.

At the hospital, Greg confesses to Grissom that though his mother had wanted four children, he is her only one.

Because of this, she was very protective of him as a child and forbade him to participate in sports activities.

" he successfully passed his final test, resulting in him becoming a Level 1 CSI although Greg has since been promoted to Level 3.

Greg is part Norwegian, which was revealed in season 3 (episode 303, "Let the Seller Beware").