Etrust signature not updating

22 Oct

In our third test against the onslaught of 1,012 polymorphic viruses it again ran into no problems whatsoever and carried its so-far perfect score into Test 4 against our second division viruses.These are the ones that may not be in the current in-the-wild list as they have dropped off, or they may only be listed in a subsidiary category (as for example a virus only affecting a small part of the world or having only been picked up by one reporter).It's been doing this for almost a year, so it's persisted thru numerous ver's, we were updating manually once a week, but that's sloppy versus every 15 minutes, and the machine picked up some infections, which I removed this weekend, and then went back to trying to figure out what was wrong.After about 3 hours, I uninstalled etrust, and installed AVG, which works.

It delivered a perfect score during Test 1 and similarly sailed through Test 2 to provide 100 percent returns.Please see the end of the page for references to other sites.Use only this url to link to this page: As usual, this worm/virus has collected a number of names from various vendors.The benefits include a truly scaleable solution for the larger SME that intends to go on to bigger things and needs corporate protection that will grow with it.As part of the e Trust family of solutions it will fully integrate with these valuable security products, providing rounded protection across the enterprise.