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09 Aug

The only downside to Face Time is the feed requires a wi-fi connection or 4G / LTE cellular connection, which can use a fair amount of bandwidth.

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Face Time works on just about any Mac, i Phone, or i Pad, so even if the version is a bit different and the interface is slightly different to initiate the call to the video camera on the Mac, it will still work. This works in all versions of Mac OS X and i OS that support Face Time.

With that done, here’s the most technical aspect of this set up: It is highly recommended to use the email address associated with the caller for who you want to auto-accept the Face Time calls from (for example, if the Apple ID email of the caller is [email protected] you would add that).

If you want to add other Apple ID’s or even a phone number to automatically accept Face Time video calls from, feel free to do so by running the above command again with additional email addresses.

Mac Book users can make video calls to other Apple products with Face Time capability.

They include the i Mac all-in-one desktop computer, the i Pad line of tablet computers, the i Pod Touch and the i Phone.