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09 Nov

They're happy to take your money as a single man, and then you find because you're not a couple, you're not wanted.

Whereas most modern clubs for gentlemen are fairly tame, very expensive, soulless and do not generally allow any touching of the dancing girls except in booths, I am the organiser of an amateur group of enthusiasts who are fans of gang bangs, and for the girls who love them too.

I intend to bust your preconceptions about what a sex club should be like, though whether I survive the legions of prudes, is another matter.

It is a private members gentlemen's club for singles, run by an ex rock drummer who isn't a dad, who wanted something he could not find at other clubs in terms of vibe, honesty and quality music by musicians.

The girls that attend mine do not pretend to like cum then spit it out with a pulled face, nor will they wipe it dismissively from their breasts with a tissue, like it was an aerial calling card from one of our feathered friends.

I have a 6 stage filter system before people find the door, to ensure the safety of all and that the guys and girls who attend are clean.