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28 Sep

Sometimes this can be explained by what we learn about relationships as children.Being truly loved by a parent or care giver is not the same as having every last wish granted, and its surprising how often these two get confused and make it difficult for us to recognise that partners have needs too.One of the most common issues in couple counselling is saying the say thing in the same way. But often changing your approach; expressing how you feel in different ways and inviting a partner to do the same can work wonders in helping couples to find better means of resolving problems and general unhappiness.So, looking for someone new becomes a redundant issue.Is going to a strip club and getting a lap dance considered infidelity? All of these questions bring up jealousy, desire, and level of monogamy you and your partner need to consider before getting married."6. Fact: "It's impossible to get away from porn these days, and many people have used it in order to kick-start arousal," says Castellanos.

Have you been on your own for a while and now feel it’s time to find someone?

Do you find it difficult to be too close to someone else?

Or perhaps you tend to find you run out of patience with their initially loveable little quirks and foibles, giving rise to a swift retreat.

Maybe you’re someone who has had few relationships, or nothing that you would class as one.

If that’s the case, are you always waiting for the other person to make the first move?