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03 Jan

After chatting about upcoming film roles with Shiha, the hosts move on to their next guest: Dominique, a sloe-eyed pop star who recently scandalized fans across the Middle East by posing as a sexy mother in a music video.

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And its a very real posibility, that they have been taught at home or in their local mosque, that they shouldnt give 3 shits about the local culture.As well as Swedish, there will also be an Arabic language version “especially for those who are new to Sweden”.The books follow a previous title by the author, the Simple Sex Book for children (pictured above).Breitbart London reported in April on a new sex brochure released by an LGBT NGO in Sweden which graphically explained concepts of “Sexual Health and Rights in Sweden”, with illustrations of group sex between migrants and Swedes. They're always saying that Muslims and/or Arabs come to Western countries and don't know how to act towards women.Another project, this time by the Swedish Ministry of Youth and Civil Affairs, was released in September specifically tackling the concept of consent, in an effort to drive down sex attacks involving young migrants. So this book is trying to help integrate them better?