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27 Nov

The company develops social network and monetizing games and activities.

He is always aware of all the latest technological trends and is highly meticulous in carrying out the tasks set.Mensch Danke Gmb H — Described an infrastructure using Ansible; — Migrated existing project to PHP7 and AWS; — Migrated database to the Postgre SQL; — Optimized database queries for reducing servers costs; — Setup geographically decentralized infrastructure in different AWS regions; — Setup ESB (Service Bus) between these projects and shared private network using VPN; — Created ETL tools for one of projects; EDSTER — Developing web application with SOA. Dmitrii developed the complex mobile transaction platform, the course management platform, multi-user IQ game for students, the LMS platform for universities, the open educational platform and etc. This is just a small part of what we have done for today together.I highly recommend Dmitrii to any business owner or a top manager.Data Lead is a leading mobile user acquisition agency in Russia.The company provides high-quality mobile non-incentive traffic from the biggest traffic-sources: MAIL.