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17 Sep

Director Ridley Scott helms this one and is no stranger to space - he was behind the classic film Alien as well as 2012's Prometheus.

Here's Matt talking about what his character will need to do to survive.Unlike the science-heavy scenes of Interstellar, The Martian keeps things simple and focuses on the human side of the story - and it isn't just Mark who is suffering.His crewmates feel tremendous guilt at leaving a man behind, especially commander Jessica Chastain.I could be the first Naked News anchor to report from space! Well, we sent Madison Banes Naked in the Streets, to the world premiere of The Martian at the recent Toronto International Film Festival, to talk to people about Mars and find out if anyone would be willing to make the trip. Welcome to Hollywood X-posed, brought to you with the help of our friends at Mr. Jessica Chastain is super sexy and stars along side Matt Damon in this one but unfortunately, no nudity. This erotic gem is where your eyes will FEAST on multiple scenes of the red-headed temptress, getting her perfect nips out as she strips and sleeps her way through the film.Out on Blu-ray, is Season 1, Volume 2 of the sexy, Scottish time travel series, Outlander.