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05 Nov

At both Bruces and Stables, you find a lot of out of shape, uninterested and sometimes older ladies who work there.

At least in the strip bar, they are usually better looking, have sexier bodies and know that they have to show interest in order to make some cash.

There are no laws that specifically address trafficking in persons, and there were occasional reports of trafficking in women to the country.

There were a number of brothels, which were staffed mostly by women from various Caribbean countries who traveled to the country as ‘entertainers’ or ‘dancers.’ In some cases brothel owners reportedly retained their documents to exert influence over the victims.

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There was also one called Titi bar in the past, but that seems to have closed down.

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There is no specified Red-light district with a Window prostitution in Antigua and Barbuda. Popeshead Street is said to be Antigua & Barbuda’s unofficial Redlight District, where prostitutes are selling their bodies for money.

See Also: List of red-light districts Best way to enjoy the hot and horny prostitutes in Antigua and Barbuda is to get a cab driver and drive around from a brothel to brothel.